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We design websites

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that get attention and results

CIT Services is a 7 year old software development company in Enfield CT.

We design websites, software applications and more.  We put your business onto the internet effectively and economically.

Don't let our competition Snow you under.

Website design is really very simple.  A website should be attractive, unique, coherent and important to Google.  CIT Services delivers websites that achieve those 4 goals.

  • Effective Website Design

    One of the ways of insuring that Google and the other search engines assign a lot of importance to a website is to have a lot of content on it.  Tabs are a way of putting a lot of content onto a page without making it unattractive for people.  There are reasons why we are on page 1 of a Google search for all our key words and most variants.

    We deliver cleanly working websites and software well beyond the capabilities of our competition.  We are local to northern Connecticut and we are not a front for offshoring.  Our knowledge of New England culture or our careful and safe coding standards put us comfortably above the competition.

    Please, take some time to explore this website.  If you are looking for a great website, isn't it worth a few minutes of your time to explore ours?

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  • Our goal is to make CIT is one of the best Website Design Companies in CT and New England, by Value

    We deliver value for small to medium sized companies.  There are a few customers that are too large for us.  Very few.   There are a few companies too small to afford us.  Very few.  Please visit our Customers page and then our Contact page to see if we can help you.

  • We didn't start as SEO Experts, but it was necessary to learn.  We did.

    SEO is a very humbling experience for a software designer.  We are accustomed to making changes to code and seeing the difference immediately, but making changes to SEO optimization is different.  The difference we want to see is moving from page 10 of a Google search to page 1 or 2, or at least to page #9.  But there will be no improvement until we do it right, and even then it may take weeks or months for the improvement to happen.

    Does the headline below describe your website?

    No References + No Traffic + (Do-it-Yourself = No Importance) = No Search Results = No Customers

    If it does, then talk to CIT, because we offer effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plans from $60 a month.

  • Windows Programming in C based languages.

    There are lots of website designers but only a few can write the back end logic and connect your website to your business.  We can!

    If you are planning a small to intermediate sized business application and want it to be reliable we highly recommend C# or Java and PL/SQL or Transact-SQL.  Avoid the scripting languages like PHP unless you don't care about robustness, reliability or your reputation.  Avoid offshoring like the plague.

  • Most website designers won't show their work.  Please take a look at our work; we are proud of these websites.  There is a full list on the Website Services page.

  • CIT is a local Connecticut software development and website design company.  We are not interested in Boston or New York customers but it is difficult to attract customers in the surrounding towns without putting the name of the town into the header of the Home page.  It would be nice if Google would rank every page in a website the same, but they don't, so our only realistic choice is to have separate websites for the major surrounding towms.  Here they are:

  • The announcement that we have started your new website or software development project should be here. 

    Why don't you contact us and we can get started?  Why procrastinate?