CIT Services, LLC - Internet Developer in CT & Western MA - Customers

Serving Northern CT and Western MA - (860) 698-9227

Please call us, whether you need programming services for Windows platforms, website design, video recording / production or if you just have a general question.  Our job is not just technical; our job is to effectively promote your business on the internet.

Our business is about service, not just technology.  Our customers are more than a number or an invoice, or a stranger half a world away.  We take personal pride in helping all our customers succeed in their business.  Most of our customers are local, in Northern CT and Western MA although we have customers worldwide.  Specifically we focus on the greater Hartford CT /Springfield MA area.

Some might even say we put our hearts into our business, and your business also.

One final point:  Most of the custmers listed below are website design customers, but we do not do the websites for our 2 largest customers.  Instead we do general software development using C#, ASP.NET and Microsoft SQL Server for them.